“Arabic Language Learning By Medical & ParaMedical Staff.”: ‘Supplement-Common Use Arabic.’

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The Necessity, Of A Text Of Arabic Language Learning, By Non Arabic Speaking Medical And Paramedical Staff, For Dealing Arabic Speaking Persons, Is An Important Need, For All Times.

The Present Text, Comprises The Arabic Translation Of Various Relevant Leading Questions, Commands, Requests, Suggestions, Advises And Their Expected Responses, Required By, Medical & Paramedical Personnels, For Conducting Dealing With Arabic Speaking Persons, In Completing Various Necessary Official Formalities, Simultaneously Satisfying, The Necessary Needs, In Regards To Clinical Acumen Of A Clinician,

With No Knowledge Of Arabic Language, By Offering, Arabic Version/ Translation Of The Expected Conversation, Needed To Reach At A Particular Diagnosis, By Age Old Clinical Art Of History Taking, Clinical Examination, Required Possible Investigations, To Conclude A Clinical Diagnosis, And Then The Necessary Discussion For Subsequent Treatment.

For The Validity Of The Present Text, In An Attempt To Faciliate Communication, With The Complete Arabic Population, Varying Expressions ( Classical, Colloquial, Masculine, Feminine, Singular, Plural, Noun, Verbs, Adjective ) For Conveying Almost Same (Working Meaning) Has Been Included, To Provide Reader, Availability Of A Choice, Modifying, As Deemed Fit,

By Personal Experiences, In Day To Day Practice.

In Process Consideration By, ‘WHO’, ‘UN’, “RED CROSS’, ‘RED CRESCENT’, ‘ICRC’ & Other Authorities,

The Book,“Arabic Language Learning by Medical &

Paramedical Staff”, Published, 2003, By Verification From, ‘Government Of India’, ‘Office Of The Registrar Of News Papers For India’, ‘Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting’, With Reprints.

In Reprint: 2009, “Supplement: Common Use Arabic”

Additional About (50) Pages, Necessary For Immediate Day To Day Needs,Were Added.

In View Of Non-Availablity Of Such ‘Study-Material’,

The Text, Is An Important Urgent Need For The Persons Going To, From These Countries. Several Copies Are In Use, At National & International Levels & In Constant Need, Throughout. This Next Edition, In Present Form Is Being Attempted.

“With Best Wishes & Special Thanks,

For Study Material Resources, Formats Etc.

And Moral Support.”


M.S, F.I.C.S, Advanced D.H.A.

Surgeon, Medical Teacher

CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/4717098

The Discussed Study Material Other Wise Not Available, For Immediately Demanding Situational Circumstances, & Is In Constant Need By Such Persons Going To Arab Countries, For Jobs & Or With Different Assignments. Most Of Them Are Being Recruited By Governmental & Or Semi- GoverntMent, Private Organizations, Agencies Conducting Interviews Regularly At Indian Sub-Continent, CIS, South Eastern & European Countries, In Co-Ordination With Respective Embassies.

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Book Details

Title: “Arabic Language Learning By Medical & ParaMedical Staff.”: ‘Supplement-Common Use Arabic.’

Length: 79 Pages

Edition: Create Space Amazon Text ID- 4717098

Language: English

Publication Date: 2015-03-28

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