Blue Jean Chef: Delicious Under Pressure

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Book Description

Blue Jean Chef: Delicious Under Pressure, Meredith Laurence’s second pressure cooker cookbook is full of easy, flavorful, and unexpected pressure cooker recipes, making a pressure cooker a must-have appliance. The book covers the basics of pressure-cooking as well as offers more advanced recipes for more experienced cooks. The result is delicious and the bonus is time, with all these recipes taking one third of the time of traditional cooking methods. Don t settle for the same old pressure cooker foods. Get Delicious Under Pressure. Recipes include Tortilla soup, Spinach and Three Cheese Manicotti, Hunter’s Beef Stew, Pork Carnitas, Thai Coconut Mussels, Portobello Mushroom and Zucchini Moussaka, Beets and Potatoes with Bacon, Blueberry Polenta with Bananas and Maple Syrup, and Brown Sugar Bourbon Bread Pudding, including all-new chapters on Vegetarian Main Courses and Breakfast Dishes. 131 recipes, over 110 photos, 248 pages w/ index. Copyright 2015. Printed USA.

Book reviewed by Temmerhorton

Blue Jean Chef: Delicious Under Pressure
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This is the book you need if you cook big family meals often. It teaches you how to use your pressure cooker. The recipes are detailed and include step by step directions. If you have many the time to invest into preparing meals then you will enjoy this book.
This is a book that is for expert cooks. A lot of the recipes take quite a bit of preparation to get ready to cook. There are no quick family dinners that you can make coming in from work. It is not easy to read for a beginner.
You can cook delicious meals in your pressure cooker if you have the proper knowledge of how to do it, and that is what this book provides. It is a wonderful kitchen tool for all those who cook often. Fans of the Blue Jean Chef will be delighted to add this book to thier collections. If you are a more expierecnced chef looking for a way to expand thier abilities, then this is a great investment. Beginners will find some of this book overwhelming. It is a detailed guide but it does not teach you the basics of techniques other than the pressure cooker. It is not the best place to start if you are just getting started in the kitchen. It does have some very good recipes that turn out really great if you follow the directions just like they are written. If you are an exper chef with children or grandchildren you will benefit from this book. You can create full family meals and include your little ones in the process. Overall, this is a great cookbook for both the home chef and the cookbook collector.


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Book Details

Title: Blue Jean Chef: Delicious Under Pressure


Length: 240 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2015-10-01

ISBN-10: 0982754000

ISBN-13: 9780982754009

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