By K. M. Dyce – Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy: 4th (fourth) Edition

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Book Description

Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy, 4e by Dyce DVM & S BSc MRCVS, K. M., Sack DVM PhD Dr. med. vet. Published by Saunders,2009, Binding: Hardcover 4th Edition

Book reviewed by Temmerhorton

By K. M. Dyce – Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy: 4th (fourth) Edition
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The pictures are very graphic and detailed, even if some of the labelling is wrong. It is a great overview of all the things that you will be covering in your studies. You will need to use it with other books, but it is a book that you will go to over again as you study.
The ebook is not complete. The diagrams are missing. The book is not arranged very well. It is a little difficult to navigate through the book. The anatomy sections of the animals are highly inaccurate. It is not a book that you should rely on to pass a course.
As a resource for your studies, this is an incomplete book. It will help you to get a great overview of the information that you will be covering in your studies. The pictures are very detailed and organized. However, the labels are not all accurate. You will need to use other books as resources to ensure that you have accurate knowledge of what you are reading. The text is also very well organized and it is easy to find the type of animal you are looking for. You will not find the end of chapter reviews, so you will need to read the through all the information and decided what you need. There is no glossary, which makes it very hard to look up individual terms. If you need a book to help to supplement what you already know or what you are currently learning then this is a great book to read. It is not meant as a stand-alone study book. As extra reading, it is a college level book. The information covered is helpful in guiding you through what you are learning. The reader must be aware that there are errors throughout the book.


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Title: By K. M. Dyce – Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy: 4th (fourth) Edition


Length: Pages

Edition: 4

Language: English

Publication Date: 2010-12-03

ISBN-13: 8580000367997

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