Dog Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas

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Book Description

Veterinarians, vet techs, dog breeders, trainers, and show judges will greatly benefit from this canine anatomy coloring atlas. Essential anatomic and physiologic concepts are explained and some diseases common the region being studied are discussed. The title includes 195 black and white line drawings that allow readers to color the drawings of the anatomical structures. This do it yourself form maximizes comprehension and retention.

Book reviewed by Temmerhorton

Dog Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas
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The concept is infallible. Everyone learns better when they can engage with the material that they are learning. This is the perfect combination of learning and fun all wrapped up in a book. It is a great insight into the dog that you would be hard pressed to find any other way.
The downside of this book is that it is not detailed enough for someone more advanced. While it is perfect to get introduced for the average pet owner, it is not useful for someone who is in veterinarian training. The diagrams of the nerves in lacking significantly.
For a dog lover, whether it is the average owner or a veterinarian student, whose goal is to know more about dogs this is the perfect book. It is an introduction to learning the basics of a dog's anatomy. It is simple to understand and read. It puts fun into studying. The style of this book is perfect for all those who are just beginning to learn about dogs or the average pet owner who has a goal of understanding their pet better. Instead of trying to memorize facts, you have a hands-on why to learn. You have the ability to add the colors to the diagrams so that it becomes a perfectly individualized study guide. Not only does it make it a great way to put pictures to terms that you need to know, but you can use it for the basis of future learning. It is a beneficial way to teach children by engaging them with an entertaining coloring book. It is an enjoyable way to infuse learning with an entertainment opportunity. It is unique in that it is entertaining without compromising the information that is found within its covers. Cleverly written so that it makes sense and is not confusing at all.


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Book Details

Title: Dog Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas


Length: 200 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2002-09-26

ISBN-10: 1893441172

ISBN-13: 9781893441170

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