Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice 3rd edition

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Book Description

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to make evidence-based practice an integral part of your clinical decision making and everyday nursing practice with Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare. Written in a friendly, conversational style, this Third Edition of the authors’ gold standard textbook covers all the information you need to use evidence-based practice to improve patient outcomes. Real world examples and meaningful strategies in every chapter show you how to take a clinical issue from inquiry toa sustainable solution that drives a preferred standard of care.

  • Enhance your understanding of the EBP process through Making EBP Real features at the end of each unit that present real world case stories and EBP Fast Facts that highlight important points from each chapter.
  • Master the content of the course with critical appraisal checklists, evaluation tables, and synthesis tables.
  • Further develop evidence-based practice knowledge and skills using handy web alerts that direct you to helpful Internet resources.
  • Take your learning beyond the book with a wide range of online resources, including the American Journal of Nursing EBP Step-by-Step Series, which provides a real-world example of the EBP process, plus learning objectives, journal articles, and checklists, templates, and evaluation tables.

Book reviewed by Temmerhorton

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice 3rd edition
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It is a great way to supplement your learning. It has clear guidelines to follow and the diagrams are very well labeled and easy to read. It is an excellent companion to your class if you need a little extra help. It is an evidence based textbook, so everything you see has examples somewhere.
The kindle edition is choppy and not very easy to read. The definitions are full of terms that do not really define what you want to know. It is hard to read and is not for the beginner. It is not recommended that you purchase it for personal use, only purchase if you need to for a class.
The book itself is well laid out. It is well written to be a study guide and to help you get through you classes. It should not be used as a stand alone guide, it has many typos and the spelling errors are very noticeable. You will want to make sure you have another guide on hand to help you with the terms that you need to know. Do not try to use the kindle copy, it is not formatted appropriately and makes studying even harder. Go for the hard copy for the easiest and most efficient studying.


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Book Details

Title: Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice 3rd edition


Length: 656 Pages

Edition: Third, North American Edition

Language: English

Publication Date: 2014-09-24

ISBN-10: 1451190948

ISBN-13: 9781451190946

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