Love Beyond Hope (A Scottish Time Travel Romance): Book 3 (Morna’s Legacy Series)

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Book Description

Don’t Miss the third Scottish Time Travel Romance in Morna’s Legacy Series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire

Top 20 Amazon Bestseller in Time Travel Romance

Love is the most powerful kind of magic.

Baodan McMillan values many things in life: friendship, loyalty, kindness, but certainly not love. After the tragic death of his wife many years ago, he hardened himself to the idea of giving his heart to another. There is but one lass who can thaw his chilly heart, a lass he’s never met nor knows of, a lass whose birth won’t occur until centuries after his death.

Mitsy Fredrickson is in serious need of a distraction. With the ink still drying on her divorce papers, she flies to Scotland determined to forget about her own problems by helping her best friend re-enter reality. She knows Bri’s claims that she is able to travel back in time and is currently living in the year 1647 are a lie but, instead of locating her friend, Mitsy falls prey to the same magic and is quickly forced to believe the impossible.

Modern and sassy, Mitsy finds few who know how to take her fiery personality in the seventeenth century, but she finds her match in Baodan, laird of McMillan Castle. He is her opposite in every way, yet she feels balanced in his presence. The more time she spends with him, the harder she falls. She suspects he feels the same way, but something is holding him back — a dark secret from his past that even Baodan doesn’t fully understand. Mitsy works to uncover what is hidden in the hopes that with resolution Baodan will be free to love her. But the truth is darker than she expects, and it threatens to destroy them both.

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Read all the books in Morna’s Legacy Series. They should be read in the following order:

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Love Beyond Reason (Book 2)

A Conall Christmas – Novella (Book 2.5)

Love Beyond Hope (Book 3)

Love Beyond Measure (Book 4)

In Due Time – A Novella (Book 4.5)

Love Beyond Compare (Book 5)

Love Beyond Dreams (Book 6)

Love Beyond Belief (Book 7)

Also Available:

Morna’s Legacy Box Set #1 (Contains Love Beyond Time, Love Beyond Reason, A Conall Christmas, and Love Beyond Hope)

Morna’s Legacy Box Set #2 (Contains Love Beyond Measure, In Due Time, Love Beyond Compare, and Love Beyond Dreams)

Book reviewed by Temmerhorton

Love Beyond Hope (A Scottish Time Travel Romance): Book 3 (Morna’s Legacy Series)
2.8 ACVEN Review By
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Is this book interesting?2
How does compare to other books in the genre?2
Is it easy and enjoyable to read?4.5
The characters of the book are awesome. This is the third in the series so you already feel like you know them and have an emotional investment in them. It starts off great by grabbing your attention and making you want to read more of the book.
In comparison to the other books, this book just does not meet up to the series. It does not have the strong story line the others have. It is mostly about sex. The ending does not impress. There are parts of the book that just leave a lot to be desired.
Time travel is something that intrigues the mind. It opens up possibilities that we can only dream of. It is something that has been inspiring authors for decades. This author is no exception. She uses her imagination to take time travel and make it seem plausible. Instead of going into the normal butterfly effect routine, she gives time travel a new spin and allows it to seem normal. It is nice to see it used in a way to incorporate it differently from other books. It is what makes the book original and mesmerizing. The characters that you fell in love with in the other books are also back. You feel like you know them and are visiting them once again. From the moment that you open your book and begin to read it is like stepping into the living room of an old friend. The author writes so well that it makes it easy to read. She has a natural talent that can make the characters come alive, the setting feels real, and her story something that you want to read. The only downside is that there is a lot of sex. She could have developed the story more and left some of the sex scenes out.


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  • 3 - Pretty engaging, good book.
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Title: Love Beyond Hope (A Scottish Time Travel Romance): Book 3 (Morna’s Legacy Series)


Length: 262 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2014-02-13

ISBN-10: 9780989950275

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