Make Money Teaching Online: 2nd Edition: How to Land Your First Academic Job, Build Credibility, and Earn a Six-Figure Salary: Revised and Updated

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Book Description

From the co-author of Make Money Teaching Online, Dr. Dani Babb releases the second edition of the book that helped thousands of instructors get started as an online professor. In the book, she will show those who are new to the field: 

  • What to expect as an online professor How to write a curriculum vita geared to online teaching jobs 
  • Where to find jobs as an online educator 
  • What to do to get your first job with little or no experience 
  • Interview tips and suggestions from hiring administrators 
Professors already teaching online will benefit from: 
  • Learning about new ways to market yourself in a social media world in online education
  • Creating a career in online education as an adjunctpreneur ™ 
  • Diversifying your workload for job security 
  • Expanding your workload Networking your way to better paying positions 
  • Changes in the market impacting professors over the past 8 years 
  • Technology to help you teach more efficiently 
Using insights from her work as an educational consultant helping others find jobs and teaching online herself for more than ten years, Dr. Babb provides readers with a candid look at online education today, getting past screening tools to land a first (or fifth) online teaching job, and earning a living while working from anywhere. Tips from experts and examples of curriculum vita’s make this book a comprehensive guide to online teaching jobs. 
You can learn more about Dr. Babb and her services at 
Dr. Dani clearly understands the intricacies of online education from the perspective of administrators, instructors, and students. This book includes practical, insightful tips for navigating both the art and science of online education. New and seasoned instructors alike will benefit from applying the strategies discussed in this handbook.
Dr. Kelly Flores Founding Dean and Professor, School of Applied Leadership, City University of Seattle 
If you want to live life on your terms, whether it is traveling the globe or just being home with the kids, online teaching is the job for you. Dr. Babb shows us in an easy step-by-step approach how to make this dream a reality. This game-changer investment of under $20.00 has personally given me a six-figure income in less than six months. I get to stay home with my son and give my family a wonderful lifestyle. 
Debra Touhey CEO, SF Financial Services/Online Instructor/Stay-at-Home Mom 
Bethel University, and top notch institutions everywhere, are seeking educators who can remove the distance from “distance education” – individuals who can not only teach, but reach online students. Truly qualified “adjunctpreneurs” are in high demand, but low in number. Dr. Babb’s book helps prepare educators for the rigors and rewards of online education, providing them with a step-by-step guide to the very real world of the virtual classroom.
Kelly Sanders-Kelly Executive Vice President, Bethel University 
The newest edition of Dani Babb’s classic text teaches you how to gain important advantages in the highly competitive online education labor markets. Anyone looking to enter this field, acquire more work, or “trade up” to better jobs will benefit tremendously by applying Babb’s keen insights! 
Andrew N. Carpenter, Ph.D.

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Book Details

Title: Make Money Teaching Online: 2nd Edition: How to Land Your First Academic Job, Build Credibility, and Earn a Six-Figure Salary: Revised and Updated


Length: 406 Pages

Edition: 2nd Edition

Language: English

Publication Date: 2014-12-01

ISBN-10: 1627040250

ISBN-13: 9781627040259

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