Mental Training: The Art of Life or Death Decision Making – How to Conquer fear in Sports, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Business (Psychology in Kindle Book 1)

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Praise for Mental Training & Nicholas Black

“Black writes the book in a straightforward, easy-to-read and entertaining way that was simple to follow.”

Sam G

“I’m currently in training to become a police officer, and already the information in this book has proven useful to me.”


“This book was both an inspiration as well as a challenge for me…”

Jill Croom

Your life is on the line!!

Mental Training: The Art of Life and Death Decision-Making!

By Nicholas Black

(Kindle Unlimited, Sports Psychology, Sports Science, Martial Arts & Self-Defense)

*Learn to make LIFE or DEATH decisions NOW!

In life or death decision-making scenarios, there’s usually only a small list of possible outcomes that are positive. Time is not on your side. Luck doesn’t exist. All you have is your training and experience to guide you. You either have one or the other—Training or Experience.

There is no middle ground.

If you act, instead of re-acting, you can raise the statistical chances for your survival and the survival of those you intend to help. A slow reaction significantly reduces your chances of living.


My name is Nicholas Black, and I’m going to show you how to deal with fear, by showing you how we’ve dealt with it. I’ve been shot at, stabbed, stranded, left for dead, hunted, stalked, and overwhelmed. I’m not a guru or a master at anything in particular. But I’ve had good coaches. I’ve trained with the toughest and most astute observers of success conditioning, military strategy, unconventional warfare, sports hypnotherapy, Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA), and emergency response.

I was a bodyguard, a member of the Navy and the French Foreign Legion, a bouncer, and a fighter. Since I’m admittedly not exceptional at anything in particular, that should reassure you that the basic guidance I can offer you is actually useful. There is some merit in my words simply because I’m here to give you these words.

Our idea with this book is to give you tools you can use (IDLE CAR and OCD decision-making processes), right now, that improve your chances for survival by giving you a process and a mental game for dealing with life or death decision-making scenarios.

I’m going to use events that occurred to me personally, as well as situations that my closest friends and comrades experienced. I will walk you into situations that had limited choices due to circumstances beyond our control. Many of these decisions were life or death, and others are designed so that you can experience traumatic situations.

Our goal with this book isn’t to tell you what to do in a life or death decision-making scenario. Rather, it’s to prepare you mentally to make the best decisions you can when time isn’t on your side. That’s what we’re all fighting for, isn’t it . . . more time. More time to choose the right path, and more time to make the right decision.


Throughout our lives we face challenges and obstacles, and constantly surpass them. Your mind is a muscle, and decision-making under fire is a skill. Talent can’t be taught, but a skill can be. You should read this book with the goal of developing the skills necessary to make life or death decisions. Train your body and mind to assist you in this process, rather than getting in the way, as our bodies and chemistry all too often do.

We’re going to provide you with a basic fundamental understanding of your body’s biological driving forces, and then look at examples and scenarios that relate to the subject matter we are studying. This book can be used as a resource for training your mind in a variety of ways.

This book is a mental training guide and introduction into high-stress decision-making, or just as a list of odd and incredible life situations that you may learn from or relate to.

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Title: Mental Training: The Art of Life or Death Decision Making – How to Conquer fear in Sports, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Business (Psychology in Kindle Book 1)


Length: 325 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2014-09-14

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