Morgan and Mikhail’s Clinical Anesthesiology, 5th edition

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Book Description

The most user-friendly, clinically relevant overview of the practice of anesthesiology

Current, concise, and engagingly written, Morgan & Mikhail’s Clinical Anesthesiology, Fifth Edition is a true essential for all anesthesia students and practitioners. This trusted classic delivers comprehensive coverage of the field’s must-know basic science and clinical topics in a clear, easy-to-understand presentation. Indispensable for coursework, exam review, and as a clinical refresher, this trusted text has been extensively updated to reflect the latest research and developments.

Here’s why Clinical Anesthesiology is the best anesthesiology resource:

  • NEW full-color presentation
  • NEW chapters on the most pertinent topics in anesthesiology, including anesthesia outside of the operating room and a revamped peripheral nerve blocks chapter that details ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia
  • Up-to-date discussion of all relevant areas within anesthesiology, including equipment, pharmacology, regional anesthesia, pathophysiology, pain management, and critical care
  • Case discussions promote application of the concepts to real-world practice
  • Numerous tables and figures encapsulate important information and facilitate memorization

Book reviewed by Temmerhorton

Morgan and Mikhail’s Clinical Anesthesiology, 5th edition
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This is a reference guide that is made to be easy to understand and easy to reference when you need it. The graphics are perfect illustrations for anyone who needs a quick refresher. The terms are easy to find and the book is easy to navigate through.
The only downside of this book is that it is made for people for are looking for a quick review. You cannot pick up this book and teach yourself anesthesiology. It is missing a couple of parts that you may need, but over ll it is a good guide.
This is the book that you need to go to for all your anesthesia needs. It is ideally formatted and lined out in perfect unison with chapters that provide accurate and up to date information. You will find that this book is organised perfectly. It is the ideal upgrade for an already great book. It is a perfect reference book for the student that needs to review for a big test or for someone who needs to make sure that they have a good handle on all the information covered. It is beautifully illustrated with graphics that are perfect to help with the review process. Ideally, the person that picks up this book will use it for a review. It is not made to have people who have no knowledge to pick it up and be a professional at the end. It is surprisingly easy to read for a reference guide. The authors took the time to make a book that will be helpful as long as it is still considered up to date.


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Book Details

Title: Morgan and Mikhail’s Clinical Anesthesiology, 5th edition


Length: 1392 Pages

Edition: 5

Language: English

Publication Date: 2013-04-22

ISBN-10: 0071627030

ISBN-13: 9780071627030

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