Mosby’s Exam Review for Computed Tomography, 2e

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Book Description

This study tool has everything you need to prepare for the ARRT CT exam! Written in outline format, Mosby’s Exam Review for Computed Tomography, 2nd Edition serves as both a study guide and an in-depth review. It covers the three content areas on the CT advanced certification examination: patient care, imaging procedures, and physics/instrumentation. Developed by Daniel N. DeMaio, BS, RT(R) (CT), the book simulates the Registry exam with three 165-question mock exams. A companion Evolve website includes a test bank of 635 questions that can be randomly sampled to create unlimited variations — so you never take the same test twice.

  • Review questions with answers help you prepare for the ARRT exam and identify areas that need additional study.
  • Rationales for correct and incorrect answers provide you with the information you need to make the most out of the Q&A sections.
  • A thorough, outline-format review covers the three content areas on the computed tomography advanced certification exam: patient care, imaging procedures, and physics/instrumentation.
  • Mock exams in the book and on the Evolve website prepare you for the ARRT exam, with three 165-question mock exams in the book and 635 questions on Evolve that may be randomly accessed for an unlimited number of exam variations.
  • Study aids on Evolve allow you to bookmark questions for later study, see rationales for correct and incorrect answers, get test tips for different questions, and record and date-stamp your test scores.

Book reviewed by Temmerhorton

Mosby’s Exam Review for Computed Tomography, 2e
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A great study guide to pass the exam. It is a huge benefit because it comes with online access to the review questions. The review questions are great for making sure that you understand the material fully. Perfect layout in a study guide.
The kindle edition to this book is a waste of time. It does not come with the access codes that you need to get to the online review questions. It also very hard to navigate to find what you need. It is recommended that you go with the hard copy.
If you need to pass the CT Registry Prep then you need this book.The layout is set up so that you can easily understand the material. The terms are clear to understand. The online review questions make it easy to assess where you are in studying and preparing for your test. This book gives you the confidence that you need without adding to the everyday stress that you have. The simplistic design help to make the material easy to study. The practice exams help guide you over what to cover. The team of the two adds to the ease of preparing for your cert.Give yourself two weeks and this book and you will pass on the first try. The kindle edition does not help you as much because it does not have the practice exam or the ability to compare the notes you have made with what you are learning. The best way to prepare is to take notes while you are reading so that you can clarify anything that does not make sense to you. Overall, this is a good book and a great addition to your prepartion.


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Book Details

Title: Mosby’s Exam Review for Computed Tomography, 2e


Length: 224 Pages

Edition: 2nd

Language: English

Publication Date: 2010-05-03

ISBN-10: 0323065902

ISBN-13: 9780323065900

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