T1 – 2015 MCAT: (CARS) – Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review – Practice Test T1 (Testing Solutions MCAT Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Series)

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T1 – MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Practice Test:

We guarantee you are going to love our verbal materials. Join the over 1,400 other pre-meds that have purchased our practice tests! Take us for a test drive, and see what our 150+ Amazon.com reviews with an average 4.5 star rating is all about!

What’s Included:

** (9) Perfectly Simulated MCAT Passages

—— Passage 1 – Social Sciences – Economics

—— Passage 2 – Humanities – Art Appreciation

—— Passage 3 – Humanities – Classics

—— Passage 4 – Social Sciences – Psychology

—— Passage 5 – Humanities – Philosophy

—— Passage 6 – Humanities – Literary Criticism

—— Passage 7 – Social Sciences – Economics/ Political Science

—— Passage 8 – Humanities – Classics

—— Passage 9 – Social Sciences – Sociology

** (53) Questions

** Highly detailed solutions for each and every question and answer choice

** Detailed analysis of passage, question, and answer types, allowing you to better understand the patterns and themes the AAMC uses in writing their tests.

The test you have in front of you (T1) is good, in fact it is excellent, but don’t take our word for it. We had eight 1st year med students sit and take our tests. Six members of the group said it mirrored the difficulty of the real MCAT perfectly while the other two said that it was actually slightly more difficult!! Talk about getting it right. There is no other company on the market that offers you such high quality practice materials at such a reasonable price. Try finding an entire CARS Practice for less than $5 over at one of the mega test prep companies. If you could (which you can’t) the test you will have will be little more than a word search requiring you to looking for the answers in the passage (WORTHLESS!). Our tests simulate the MCAT CARS section perfectly, with questions types modeled directly off the AAMC released practice tests. Don’t waste your time practicing with anything else. Take a look at our 140+ independent reviews here on Amazon are all about!


Testing Solutions, LLC?!? Who are you?

Well… that’s a fair question. First with the obvious, we are not a big company. The truth is though that we really don’t want to be. The bigger you are, the more money you have to bring in, the higher your prices go, the more attention you have to pay to marketing to bring in the larger profits you need to keep a roof over your head, and consequently, the less attention you pay to putting out an incredibly high quality product at as low a cost as possible.

So…if you are expecting a mega corporation that will charge you thousands of dollars based on their big fancy name alone for their mediocre at best MCAT prep materials, you are definitely looking in the wrong place. We are not a big company and we never plan to be. We are a small company putting out what we believe to be the highest quality MCAT CARS practice materials on the market at a fair and reasonable price.

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Title: T1 – 2015 MCAT: (CARS) – Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review – Practice Test T1 (Testing Solutions MCAT Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Series)


Length: 456 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2014-01-22

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