The First Six Weeks of School (Strategies for Teachers)

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NOTE: You have reached the listing for the 1st edition of The First Six Weeks of School (2000), which is now out of print. In March 2015 it was replaced by an updated and expanded 2nd edition (see above),, ISBN 978-1-892989-81-9.

Description of 1st edition: Learn how to structure the first six weeks of school to lay the groundwork for a productive year of learning. Discover how taking the time to build a solid foundation in the early weeks of school can pay off all year long in increased student motivation, cooperation, responsibility, and self-control.

This comprehensive guidebook for K-6 teachers features:

  • Daily plans for the first three weeks and commentary about these plans at three grade levels: primary (K-2), middle (3-4), and upper (5-6)
  • Detailed guidelines for:
    – Building community
    – Creating rules and teaching routines
    – Introducing engaging curriculum
    – Fostering autonomy
    – Integrating social and academic learning
    – Establishing high expectations for learning and behavior
  • An extensive collection of games, activities, greetings, songs, read-alouds, and resources especially useful during the early weeks of school

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Book Details

Title: The First Six Weeks of School (Strategies for Teachers)


Length: 232 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2000-05-01

ISBN-10: 1892989042

ISBN-13: 9781892989048

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